COSAW International Limited is a company which has developed, produced and patented worlwide a device that certifies size and weight of hand luggage during the boarding process. It also designed the first auto boarding system based on on the COSAW device. The device has been tested for several Airlines at Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Kosice. Since the trials were completed, there has been clear interest by the airlines to start using the device at their operations worldwide.

COSAW made the decision to move to the UK believing it to be the ideal enviroment for expansion to the rest of Europe. U.S. and Asia. COSAW believe that in the UK we will find the specialized workforce, the support from expert entrepreneurs and access to specialized financial markets.

COSAW is part of the UKTI Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) which attracts entreprenurial, innovation-rich business with high-growth potential from all over the world to scale and internationalize from the UK.



3 IN GIA SL is created, born from the integration of Architecture, Engineering and Social Behaviours Sciences. The rol of this company is the integrated management of resources and services inherent to both disciplines, with the goal of optimize this resources on the best way for further development of the professional activity, allowing to access new markets and consolidate the company as a services providers unit.


The company began it's activity in Palma de Mallorca under the commercial brand of COSAW.


Ended the technological development of the first functional prototype that was the first approach to a solution for the the weight and size of hand luggage. In the same period the company starts it's activity in Malaga, through 3 IN Aeronáutica Andalucía S.L.

In the same year our product is presented on the Malaga Technological Park, capturing the attention from national and international media.


3 IN Aeronáutica Andalucía S.L. as user of the patent license starts with the tests on international airports like, Málaga International Airport, Palma de Mallorca International Airport and Kosice International Airport in Slovakia. Presentation of the solution in the Spanish Embassy at London.

On the same year the company perfoms an internal reorganization changing the directives board and the patent exploitation structure. As a result of this event the company 3 IN GIA SL remains as the only company that runs the COSAW system and fixed it's headquarters in Palma de Mallorca.


The company starts it's expansion through the opening of our office in London and granting the operation license to COSAW International LTD for Europe.

Presentation of the new integrated solution at FARNBOROUGH International Airshow.